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CNN’s Sara Sidner reports on how Ukraine is using facial recognition technology to identify Russian soldiers killed in battle.

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Ukraine sends images of dead Russian soldiers to their families in Russia. Hear the responses they received back

Maria “Masha” Alyokhina, a member of the punk music group Pussy Riot, says she escaped from Russia dressed as a food delivery worker. Alyokhina joins CNN’s Anderson Cooper to discuss why she fled.


Sneaky escape: How Putin critic fled Russia while police were staking out her home

Ukrainian officials are raising the alarm about a Russian pontoon bridge in the country’s Luhansk region. CNN’s Tom Foreman explains the role this bridge could play in future combat.

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Watch: Ukrainian officials alarmed by discovery of Russian pontoon bridge

Ret. Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling discusses Russian President Putin being forced to pivot his military strategy in Ukraine due to varying terrain, and how his forces lack the adaptability to make drastic changes that may be necessary.

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Analyst breaks down what Russia’s warning to the US means

CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield talks to Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper about Putin appointing a new top general to lead his forces in Ukraine after a series of setbacks.

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Analyst: Putin appointing new top general is an ‘indicator’

Retired US Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton says that satellite images showing the absence of Russian troops at an airport near Kyiv indicates that Putin is shifting his strategy to focus on the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine.

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‘The Russians are gone’: What this image says about Russia’s strategy