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Jones just explained his side of the story … saying the whole incident began because the bouncer was the aggressor in the situation. Jones, who broke it all down on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Monday just hours after he was released from jail,… Permalink


NFL’s Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Speaks On Bar Fight Arrest, ‘I Did What I Needed to Do’


Here’s a video that’ll brighten up your Monday … Dallas Cowboys superstar Amari Cooper surprised some kids with an impromptu game of catch while he was out house hunting … and the adorable gesture will hit you right in the feels!! The… Permalink

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Amari Cooper Makes Kid’s Day With Impromptu Game Of Catch, ‘Go Get Mom!’


The woman who claims she was brutally beaten by NFL lineman Chad Wheeler is speaking out about the incident — saying he couldn’t care less about her after nearly beating her to death. The woman, Alleah Taylor, sat down with CBS reporter Jericka…

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Chad Wheeler GF Alleah Taylor Speaks About Attack, NFL Lineman ‘Terrified Me’


Paris Hilton called on none other than President Biden to denounce child abuse in schools … this as she testified about alleged torment she went through as a kid. The heiress spoke publicly Monday to a state congressional committee in Utah in…


Paris Hilton Calls on President Biden in Testimony on Alleged Provo Abuse


YFN Lucci is back on the outside after being arrested for murder — but a judge is imposing limitations to keep him from booking it outta town, or hurting anyone. Photos and video emerged Monday of the Atlanta rapper getting sprung from jail –… Permalink


YFN Lucci Released from Jail on $500k Bond, Strict Conditions


The folks at “American Idol” know gold fell in their laps when Claudia Conway auditioned … and they’re, very wisely, milking it even before the season begins. Kellyanne Conway’s headline-grabbing teen got the front-and-center tease treatment… Permalink

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Claudia Conway’s ‘American Idol’ Audition Teased in Season Premiere


Need further proof hockey players are some of the toughest people on the planet?? Vancouver Canucks winger Nils Hoglander was left a bloody mess after taking a puck to the face Monday night — BUT HE STAYED IN THE GAME!!! The terrifying scene all… Permalink

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NHL’s Nils Hoglander Takes Slapshot To Face, Blood Everywhere!

Rep. Adam Kinzinger is fed up with today’s Republican Party … so he’s starting a movement to reclaim the GOP … and he’s even open to becoming its standard-bearer. The Republican Congressman from Illinois appeared on “TMZ Live” Monday and said…

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger Leads Fight to Purge Radical Right, Open to a Presidential Run

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says a past trauma — as a sexual assault victim — is compounding her current trauma from a near-death experience during the Capitol insurrection. AOC choked up Monday evening as she said, “I’m a survivor of sexual…

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AOC Says She’s a Sexual Assault Survivor, Capitol Riots Triggered PTSD