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Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday doubled down on his warning against a Russian invasion of Ukraine, saying “a single additional Russian force” entering Ukraine “in an aggressive way” would result in a severe response by the US and its allies.

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Blinken doubles down on warning to Putin


President Joe Biden discussed options for bolstering US troop levels in the Baltics and Eastern Europe with his top military officials during a briefing at Camp David on Saturday, according to a senior official.

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Biden briefed on troop options amid Russia-Ukraine buildup


• MLK’s son: Manchin and Sinema ‘have let down the United States of America’ • Voting rights fight shifts back to statehouses as Senate Democrats fail

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Senate Democrats suffer defeat on voting rights after push to change rules fails


• House can get Trump White House documents, Supreme Court says • ‘Do not fall victim to false gods again’: Judge worries about rioters acting in 2024

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The decision is yet another instance of the courts rebuking the former President’s attempts to use them for his own political gain


A federal judge in Washington, DC, is set to consider, for the first time, whether former President Donald Trump is immune from liability related to his supporters attacking the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

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Judge asks why Trump was silent during Capitol riot


• Cyber Ninjas, company that oversaw the partisan Arizona election review, is shuttering • Mom who brought 14-year-old son to US Capitol riot sentenced to jail • Opinion: What the Carlson-Cruz exchange reveals about today’s GOP

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Dick Cheney just spoke a hard truth to his fellow Republicans about January 6


The Supreme Court’s conservative majority on Friday appeared ready to reject one of President Joe Biden’s most aggressive attempts so far to combat the spread of Covid-19 — a vaccine or testing requirement aimed at large businesses.


Supreme Court appears poised to block Biden’s vaccine and testing rules for businesses