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• Analysis: Vaccinated Republicans are going out far more than vaccinated Democrats • Vaccine-hesitant patient: If I could do it all over again, I’d get it

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They lost their loved ones to Covid. Then they heard from them again

With confidence and elan, President Joe Biden rallied allies abroad last week around the viability of 21st century democracy. Proving it here at home will be harder.

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Analysis: For Biden, confronting Putin may have been easier than dealing with Republicans

While moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin waves the flag of bipartisanship on voting rights, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell again seems intent on acting like a blockade.

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Smerconish: Can Manchin’s voting rights compromise sway GOP?

Arnold Schwarzenegger says his family HATED that he pivoted from movies to politics and gave an insight on his view of raising kids, and the word “military” comes to mind! Arnold appeared on his daughter Katherine’s IG show, “BDA Baby” — which… Permalink


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Katherine Talk Fatherhood and How Fam Hated Politics

A now-viral video has been making the rounds of what many say is a real-life sighting of an actual werewolf in Africa, which was apparently shot dead … but the whole thing is BS. The clip that’s got people buzzing surfaced seemingly out of… Permalink

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Real-Life ‘Werewolf in Nigeria’ Video is a Hoax, Dummy Used for Flick