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Far right White supremacist groups, conservative media personalities and now Republicans in Congress are trying to inflame nativist feelings among conservative Whites by warning that liberals want immigrants to “replace” native-born Americans in the nation’s culture and electorate.

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Analysis: The racist ‘replacement theory’ has it all backward

WNBA star Angel McCoughtry is insulted by Draymond Green’s claim that female athletes have only “complained” about the pay gap and haven’t taken any real meaningful action … and she’s ready to educate him. The 5-time WNBA All-Star says she’s… Permalink

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WNBA’s Angel McCoughtry Claps Back at Draymond Green, ‘Do Your Research’


Scientists working for the Pentagon have successfully tested a solar panel the size of a pizza box in space, designed as a prototype for a future system to send electricity from space back to any point on Earth.

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Solar panel in space is collecting energy that could one day be beamed to anywhere on Earth